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  • SPD GALA: Honoring the Rarest Specimen

    • Sunday, 28 Mar 2010, 07:00 GMT+7 (19 minutes ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Please join us on Friday, May 7th, 2010 at Cipriani Wall Street as SPD honors the PUB 45 Merit Winners and Medal Finalists of 2009, awards Gold and Silver Medals along with the Gold Medals for Members’ Choice and the Magazine of the Year, looks back on 45 years of…

  • Breakfast with Mr. Lois:Part 2

    • Friday, 26 Mar 2010, 08:25 GMT+7 (2 days ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Are magazines dead? George weighs in after the jump, and next Tuesday, March 30th.Time (and tickets) are slipping away!

  • Covering the iPad

    • Friday, 26 Mar 2010, 07:35 GMT+7 (2 days ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    With April 3rd right around the corner, the iPad is getting the cover treatment. Here’s a round up of recent iPad-centric covers from Macworld and WIRED. More TK as they hit the newsstands.

  • Workshopaholics Unanimous: Sahre, Victore, Wilker

    • Thursday, 25 Mar 2010, 13:11 GMT+7 (3 days ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    From their deliciously incoherent website, this just in:”Paul Sahre, James Victore and Jan Wilker will conduct two intensive, 6-day (and night) graphic design workshops in the summer of 2010, for graphic design students and professionals around the world, who are 21 or older and proficient in English. Bring your…

  • Breakfast With Mr. Lois: Part 1

    • Thursday, 25 Mar 2010, 07:43 GMT+7 (3 days ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    This week, Scott Dadich and George Lois met for breakfast at George’s home in Manhattan to discuss the final preparations for their talk at FIT next Tuesday, March 30th. The lovely Nathalie Kirsheh (W Art Director and video goddess extraordinaire) and I managed to crash the meeting and roll some…

  • Today’s Inspiration: Brilliant Archival Illustration

    • Wednesday, 24 Mar 2010, 10:00 GMT+7 (4 days ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Today’s Inspiration. is a brilliantly written, curated, and edited visual website devoted to the history of editorial illustration from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. The brainchild of Canadian illustrator Leif Peng, the site is updated daily and also has a daily email newsletter. This is the ultimate website for rich information…

  • Student Photography Competition..Deadline 6 days and counting!

    • Wednesday, 24 Mar 2010, 08:00 GMT+7 (4 days ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Adobe Creative Suite 4, so sweet, loaded with Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, InDesign, and so much more…that’s right, Adobe CS4 is worth millions if used to the maximum and can be yours for free as a winner in SPD’s Virtue & Vice student photo competition!  That’s just one prize: keep reading…

  • Easy Inspiration

    • Wednesday, 24 Mar 2010, 06:00 GMT+7 (4 days ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    I’m finding I’m spending an inordinate amount of totally not-free time ogling the AIGA collections for much needed (hell, save-my-job-needed) inspiration for feature design. Have at it. Your boss will not likely thank you, but you’ll be damn thankful.

  • Whoops

    • Tuesday, 23 Mar 2010, 18:55 GMT+7 (5 days ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids has had a tech issue we wish we could undo: for the last month or so, dozens of comments you’ve been sending us have been missing in action. Well, they’ve been found and should be up here on the internets now. We’ve gone under the hood, and think we’ve solved the problem.…

  • Praising The Drawbridge

    • Tuesday, 23 Mar 2010, 16:43 GMT+7 (5 days ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Visiting London recently, I got my first hands-on chance to appreciate The Drawbridge. It calls itself a magazine, but it can be more specifically described with two words that almost never appear side-by-side: new broadsheet.

  • Rare Specimen No. 5 Blue Note LP Covers

    • Tuesday, 23 Mar 2010, 06:00 GMT+7 (5 days ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    As part of this year’s Pub
    45 celebration of great work, we’re asking people to share some
    of their personal inspirations with us. Our fifth entry in the Rare
    Specimens collection comes from Robert Newman, who shares his love for
    the classic album cover designs of Blue Note
    Records after…

  • Rare Specimen No. 4Flickr Flow

    • Sunday, 21 Mar 2010, 22:31 GMT+7 (1 week ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    With The SPD Digital Competition right around the corner, I thought I’d share a Rare Specimen that bridges print and online: Flickr Flow—an experiment whose materials are color and time.Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg used this technique in a March 2009 Boston magazine piece, called “Flickr of Hope.”

  • The New York Observer’s Cover Illustrations

    • Sunday, 21 Mar 2010, 07:29 GMT+7 (1 week ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    The New York Observer describes itself as “New York’s Smartest Tabloid.” Although for many years it was a full broadsheet, The Observer, known for printing on salmon-colored paper, switched to the tabloid format several years ago. Brilliantly art directed by Nancy Butkus, the paper has long been outstanding for both…

  • March Madness!

    • Friday, 19 Mar 2010, 10:00 GMT+7 (2 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    It’s March Madness time, the NCAA college basketball tournament that obsesses so much of the working world with bracket-mania. For the past seven years, Sports Illustrated has produced a brilliantly fun, crazy quilt collaged cover previewing the tournament, and featuring photographs of one player from all the teams scheduled to…

  • LOIS + DADICH: 4 things you won’t get fromYouTube

    • Friday, 19 Mar 2010, 09:40 GMT+7 (2 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    As you may have already heard, George Lois has a new book out based on an exhibition of his work at the Museum of Modern art. On Tuesday, March 30th, in what is sure to be our Speaker Series event of the year, he will be sitting down with Scott…

  • SKI Magazine’s best of the season

    • Thursday, 18 Mar 2010, 13:00 GMT+7 (2 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    SKI Magazine’s Art Director, Eleanor Williamson, just wrapped-up the seasonal title’s 7 issues before the tackle their next project (more on that later in the post), and in honor of these closing days of winter, offered to share a look back at their best design and photography of the season.…

  • Photojournalist Charles Moore, R.I.P.

    • Thursday, 18 Mar 2010, 10:00 GMT+7 (2 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    The New York Times carries the obituary of noted 50s and 60s photojournalist Charles Moore, who passed away last week at the age of 79. A native Alabaman, Moore was a frequent photographer of the civil rights movement in the South, and his pictures in Life magazine were among the…

  • Overzealous with Photoshop?

    • Thursday, 18 Mar 2010, 08:28 GMT+7 (2 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Did Vogue get a little carried away with Photoshop with their Tina Fey cover? Check out the full story from the Daily News.

  • Face-Off: Tina Fey Covers

    • Thursday, 18 Mar 2010, 07:45 GMT+7 (2 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Entertainment Weekly and Esquire hit newsstands this week with dueling Tina Fey covers. Which works best?

  • Master Class: TypIDentity”This typeface is confusing.”

    • Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010, 12:00 GMT+7 (2 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Ever wonder what it’s like at the top?  Ever stare at your Indesign-ed
    monitor, wishing you could churn out award-winning work (or even work
    that matters?!) Ever flip through Blender, Wired, or New York and and
    wish you had those resources, or knew how they got it done? What’s separating…

  • Mark Burckhardt on the making-of his Texas Monthly cover

    • Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010, 11:01 GMT+7 (2 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Over on Drawger there’s an excellent behind-the-scenes look at this month’s Texas Monthly cover (shown here) marking the 15th anniversary of Tejano singer Selena’s tragic death. Illustrator Marc Burckhardt walks through the process from commission to drafts to completed cover (including subscriber versions without a UPC code–go TJ Tucker, Creative…

  • ARTFUL COMMUNICATION: Embracing Change

    • Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010, 07:00 GMT+7 (2 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    No matter how talented we are, at some point, we all experience that “writing on the wall” moment, when we  know that it’s time to move on. Maybe it’s downsizing, or a new editorial direction-or whatever-but it’s something no one’s immune to, especially not these days…

    Part of Gina Barnett’s…

  • UCLA Goes Plush

    • Tuesday, 16 Mar 2010, 06:00 GMT+7 (2 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Charlie Hess of Chess Design sends along the story of his first plush: commissioned sculpture + the April 2010 UCLA Magazine cover here = a great story. Read about the making-of after the jump…

  • Your most important shot. Don’t miss it.

    • Monday, 15 Mar 2010, 13:00 GMT+7 (2 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    A portfolio review with Stephen Mayes and YOU! Stephen Mayes, managing director of VII Photo Agency, represents some of the worlds greatest living photo journalists, and will be reviewing the portfolio of ONE lucky winner of this year’s Virtue & Vice student photography competition. This portfolio review can reshape your…

  • Bite Sized Snack: A New, Tasty Visual Blog

    • Monday, 15 Mar 2010, 05:00 GMT+7 (2 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Bite Sized Snack is a new visual blog conceived and curated by illustrator and website organizer Robert Zimmerman. He describes the site as: ”a daily serving of visual goodness, delivered by a team of trusted graphics professionals. One lite snack is offered each day, a snack that’s easy to swallow and has…

  • George Lois on the Esquire Covers at MoMA

    • Saturday, 13 Mar 2010, 23:14 GMT+7 (3 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    We show this all the time, we love it so, but there’s never too much of a great thing: here’s a a tiny flash of what you might get a chance to see at our evening with George Lois for SPD@FIT on Tuesday, March 30th, where he talks with Wired’s…

  • Shop Now! SPD PUB 44 Annual, and more on sale

    • Saturday, 13 Mar 2010, 18:58 GMT+7 (3 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Looking to test the strength of your bookshelves? Dying for some inspiration? Visit the new SPD Store and buy the latest Annual, PUB 44 (only $45), or fill-in some missing holes in your collection (the recession special continues! PUB 40 through PUB 43 on deep sale!) and pick up the…

  • Real Simple: Time to Celebrate

    • Friday, 12 Mar 2010, 09:00 GMT+7 (3 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    With daylight savings time set to begin this Sunday, we might all be wishing we had a better understanding of time Monday morning. Real Simple’s ahead of us on this: for their tenth anniversary issue this month (April 2010), Creative Director Janet Froelich decided just one cover would not be…

  • National Magazine Awards Nominees Announced

    • Thursday, 11 Mar 2010, 10:00 GMT+7 (3 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) has announced the nominees for the 2010 National Magazine Awards. The nominees for best design are:Esquire / design director: David CurcuritoGQ / design director: Fred WoodwardMartha Stewart Living / design director: James Dunlinson New York / design director: Chris DixonWired / creative director: Scott DadichNominees for…

  • Introducing: The SPD Master Class

    • Tuesday, 9 Mar 2010, 16:10 GMT+7 (3 weeks ago)
    • By: Grids, Grids

    Our goal: an exclusive bi-monthly workshop providing inspiration,
    education, hands-on skills to SPD Professional members through intimate access to
    well-respected, award-ridden, top-dog design professionals. After this
    1-day intensive workshop, you’ll have a new mentor, a deeper
    professional network, and a broader skill-set to take to work on Monday