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25+ Examples of Subtle Textures and Patterns in Web Design

As a result of the continuous quest for making websites more fashionable and attractive to the viewers, designers got the idea of using subtle texture and pattern in web designing projects. These textures are introduced in website designing to add… Read More

Freebie Friday: 8 Crisp Dynamic Grunge Brushes

This set of brushes offers you eight unique and energetic grunge shapes. I created these by picking out some of experimental ink/food coloring texture shapes, vectorizing them to create crisper edges, and then converting them to PS brushes. Each one… Read More

Download 35 Free & Handy Photoshop Texture Design

Its Photoshop moment! Designers all over the world are well known to this powerful image editing software. Many of these are also using it for image editing as well as website designing. The designing trend is increasing all over… Read More

Free Texture Tuesday: 5 Unique Cloud Textures

Today I’m giving some cloud photographs that are a bit different than the traditional cloud texture photographs. I shot these back in October and have used them in a few of my own pieces but never released them as a… Read More

Blue jeans texture

Blue jeans material texture. A very detailed high resolution fabric background. A nice design element for fashion and clothing designs. Resolution: 3000x2250px Medium size preview (1280x960px): Blue jeans texture File format: JPG Color theme: blue Author: PSD Graphics Might be… Read More

Free High Quality Leather Textures for your Design

There are a lot of words related to designing and leather texture is the new concept to add a crispy, shiny and sharp look to your design. This is not a common practice among the designers and many are ignorant… Read More

Blank blueprint paper

Blank blueprint paper background with a smooth noisy texture. Ready for your sketches and construction ideas. Resolution: 5000x3750px Medium size preview (1280x960px): Blank blueprint paper File format: JPG Color theme: blue Author: PSD Graphics Might be useful (similar item): Old… Read More

Free Texture Tuesday: Grab Bag 14

Today’s grab bag of textures contains a couple old book covers and three other various textures. Each one will add a different dimension to your designs.… Read More

It’s here… Say hello to ZeroBundle!

We’ve just released It’s a brand new website, brought to you by WDD and, where we offer fantastic freebies for designers for a limited time only.The bundle includes hundreds of professional and exclusive resources such as PSDs, vectors,… Read More

Photoshop Brush Pack – 5 Subtle Wood Brushes

Today we bring you an excellent set of wood brushes from This set of 5 subtle wood brushes can add some quick surface and texture to your designs. They offer some great attributes like knotholes and some different grain patterns.… Read More

SPD 47: Nathalie Kirsheh’s Favorite Magazine

Nathalie Kirsheh, Design Director, DetailsFavorite Magazine: BONThe simple grid incorporating breaks, the monochromatic typographic palette, the combination of classic typeface textures with minimal flourishing elements injected into the title designs along with the alternating paper stock, all integrate to accent… Read More

Free Texture Tuesday: 5 Cracked and Peeling Wood Textures

These hi res wooden board textures can act as solid foundations or as a small touch to your work. Each one is 4500… Read More

Free download: Balio Web UI Kit

Today we have a great exclusive freebie from our good friends at Grafpedia.The Balio UI Kit is an absolutely massive PSD file containing buttons, stickers, icons, pagination, menus, login forms and much much more. It’s a very high quality UI… Read More

Ana Raimundo Paintings

These abstract, organic  illustrations were created by Ana Raimundo, a Portugal-based artist who, among other things, is inspired by people’s portraits and expressions, native nature, traditions, patterns, and textures. Ana also has an Etsy shop where quite a large body… Read More

Beautifully Textured Artwork by Dan Matutina

Dan Matutina has a unique style that attracts the eye. Dan is a designer/illustrator based in the Philippines. His illustration style is a mix of handmade & digital, clean & dirty, old & modern aesthetics. He loves  to mix a variety of… Read More

40+ Useful Resources for Design Freebies

Generally, any graphic designer looks out for the best and free resources in order to enhance their reputation among the huge crowd. The resources like PSD Files, Photoshop Brushes, icons, vectors, and textures are usually in huge demand which offers… Read More

Free Texture Tuesday: 5 Tree Stump Textures

These five hi-res wood textures come from looking down at a tree stump. The line detail in these is really interesting. Each texture is 4500… Read More

Designer’s Choice! Free & New Photoshop Texture Designs

Let’s share with you “Designer’s Choice! Free & New Photoshop Texture Designs”. In this collection of free design, we compile different and various types of free textures. High in resolution and quality, you can use these textures as the… Read More

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